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How kids’ play can help prevent injury

As parents, you are aware of the dedication it takes on your part for your kids to play on sports year-round.  Children are participating in the same sports as their heroes, playing in multiple leagues with a variety of teams.  As kids play on more
Payne T1.specialized travel teams, they increase their chances of getting hurt.  Many sports concentrate on aerobic activity focusing on the lower extremities.  What about your upper body?  Imbalances in neuromuscular development leave you with less overall balance and higher levels of inury.  Better warm-up exercises are key to helping prevent ACL tears and other injuries.  With our youth programs, we focus on a proper warm-up that includes dynamic stretching, plyometric exercises, and breaking them into shorter intervals in order to hold a child’s attention span.  These warm-up movements increase kids’ body control, reducing the chance of injury.

Research shows the children who get more exercise whether at school or on their own, tend to have higher GPA’s and better scores on standardized tests.  Physical activity can improve blood flow to the brain, fueling memory, attention and creativity, which are essential to learning. Exercise releases hormones that can improve mood and suppress stress, which also helps learning. So while it may seem as if kids are just exercising their bodies when they’re running around, they may actually be exercising their brains as well.  Play smart, contact us about our youth programs today!

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