Miller Fitness is a fantastic program! Working with Sean really got me prepared for soccer at the next level and I hope to get to work with him again. After only a few weeks I noticed a difference in my skill level and my confidence. Not only was he an excellent trainer, he worked around my busy, high school schedule so that we could train when it was convenient for me. Thanks Sean!
Molly Neil

I had been coming to the gym for three months and wasn’t seeing or feeling any real results. I decided to hire Sean to see if it would make a difference. Five sessions later….AWESOME!!! I strongly recommend him even if you’ve been working out alone for years! You will definitely learn new things and see drastic results!
Amanda Roberts

Working out with Sean for the past two years has transformed both my body and mind. Sean changed the perception that many of us have that working out and being fit is a mundane process. Sean has taught me that the boring 3 sets of 12 in the gym may not be the most effective way to be productive. Working out, sweating, running, soreness is all done in a fun and more productive way thanks to Sean. In this time I have lost over forty pounds and seen a true transformation of my body composition.
Charles Holloway

I have been a runner for over 4 years and an avid fitness enthusiast for most of my life.  I had come to a point where I felt I wasn’t growing anymore and my performance had hit a plateau. Sean is not only inspiring and motivational but he is determined to find a way to help you succeed!  I started seeing results within a few weeks and it wasn’t long before I was able to bust through my running plateau.
April Pendegraph

Two years ago when I began personal training at Miller Fitness my goal was increased strength. Sean’s diverse array of training techniques made exercise enjoyable, energetic and exhilarating! Weekly training inspired new goals! When I started running Sean began tailoring my workouts to help me increase speed and endurance. I know that the 45 minutes I carve out of a busy schedule are utilized to their fullest and I leave with a sense of accomplishment ready to maintain my fitness objectives for the week.
Samantha Wyatt


I lost 14 lbs and have gone down 2 sizes since I started Boot Camp. Thank you so much!!!!
Melissa P.


Dear Friends…please consider joining this fun exercise program. If I can do it…you can too!  I was totally intimidated by the whole “Bootcamp” idea.  However, I, yes I, was able to keep up (even with those who exercise regularly) and enjoyed every minute of it. Sean keeps you moving through short spurts working all areas plus cardio. I ACTUALLY LIKE IT AND DON’T MIND DOING IT FOR 45 MINUTES!
Blythe Bowman


After sustaining a serious shoulder injury playing football, I was severely out of shape. I wasn’t able to exercise because of the injury, so over a matter of months I went from 170 lbs to right at 200lbs. I decided it was time for a change. So I began my personal training with Sean. After about 3 months I’ve lost nearly 30lbs of fat. I’m getting in the best shape of my life and feel better than I ever have, thanks to Sean and his implementation of specifically designed exercises.
Steven Ferguson

Sean is a super motivator and has a passion for making people healthier!  I will forever be grateful.
Michelle Puryear