Healthy Eats at Miller Fitness

mason dixon

Families are eating healthily with tasty, prepared meals and snacks for everyone to enjoy. Thanks to Mason Dixon Gluten Free Bakery for helping us provide wonderful, nutritious items to our community!

Weekly menus and ordering are available at the studio or through us via email/phone. Enjoy!





Our Eat Smart, Move More Program is tailored to YOU!

We all have different goals, plans, and expectations for ourselves. Miller Fitness has implemented a program JUST FOR YOU and your health.

Contact us for details, 256.432.2093


We Need “Real” Foods

Our diet is a huge player in our heart health. Processed food can cause a host of health problems, often a source of acidity to the body which contributes to the inflammatory response often seen with chronic health issues.  To counteract their effects, we must change our diets to include more alkaline foods.  These will be whole or “real” foods such as vegetables, fruits, and some whole grains.  These tend to be foods that are nutrient dense and that will supply our body with the building blocks it requires to increase immunity, decrease inflammation and disease.

“In North America, HEART DISEASE is the number one killer and a huge player in physical disability.”
Developing Healthy HabitsJenn Heibein, B. Sc